First impressions make guests smile.

Lasting impressions bring them back.

Luxurious rooms. Beautiful grounds. Attentive service.

In the hospitality industry, you must focus intently on upfront elements of the guest experience. Some pieces — like linen and laundry service — are essential but best left in the background. Cleanliness and reliability must be givens, not something you trumpet. We embrace that supporting role at Blue Heron Linens, the premier provider of commercial laundry services for distinguished hotels, resorts, and vacation rental companies in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia and the northern coast of Florida.

Guest Experience

Quiet consistency. Resounding satisfaction.

Guests expect — and deserve — the freshest whites, the softest terry, and the most crisply ironed bed linens. Hotels and resorts expect — and deserve — a vendor who operates dependably (always on-time) and stealthily (behind the scenes). Everyone expects and deserves attentiveness, so we process each customer’s laundry separately, and we carefully inspect each item prior to delivery. From the boutique hotelier to grand resorts, we meet specific service needs and always provide the highest-quality hotel linens.

Our Process

Clean facilities.
Smooth operations.

Cleanliness must be uncompromising. We use premium detergent systems and maintain a washing water temperature of 185° F to meet and exceed industry standards and regulatory guidelines. Our facilities operate smoothly and continually, so you always have the products you need. And we NEVER mix your laundry with anyone else’s. Our focus is on hospitality linens only. That means there is no possibility of cross-contamination with linens from restaurants, hospitals, or industrial operations.

Our Commitment


Blue Heron Linens is proud to have served Low Country hotels and resorts since 2011. We work hard at our craft, but we place equal importance on relationships. Through responsiveness and open lines of communication, we’re continually seeking ways to improve customer service. Our staff members focus on quality control at every stage of our operations. Most of all, we’re always accessible and always eager to help enhance your guests’ vacation experiences and the local economy.

Serving our neighbors

Blue Heron Linens is the premier provider of commercial laundry services to hotels, resorts, and vacation rental clients in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia and the northern coast of Florida. Areas served include:

Charleston, SC

Kiawah Island, SC

Hilton Head, SC

Bluffton, SC

Macon, GA

Savannah, GA

Sea Island, GA

Tybee Island, GA

Jacksonville, FL

Amelia Island, FL

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Saw Grass, FL

You’re busy creating extraordinary experiences for your guests. Let us tuck them in.